Key Club Update:


Faculty Advisor for the Key Club, Felicia Hansen, shared some exciting news with the Kiwanians at a recent meeting. As of Oct. 13, 2009 she was pleased to announce the Key Club membership total at 145 students. The Kiwanis Club is proud of these willing participants and we anticipate a positive and successful year for all.

Old Bridge High School will be forming its first Key Club sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Old Bridge in September 2009. 20 high school students have already signed up for the club. There will be a membership drive in September. For information contact Felicia Hansen,the faculty advisor, at Old Bridge High School.

Builder’s Club Induction Ceremony was on April 11, 2007 at the Carl Sandburg Middle School in Old Bridge, NJ. 73 students have joined the club. We plan to form a Key Club for the Old Bridge High School to start around October.